Day two and three!

Okay so this binder I received has tons of songs for mariachi ensembles..on day two I learned how to play guitar and guitarron (which I will be buying as part of my fellowship) to basically every song in the book. My pinky fingers are freakishly small and it was really tough to play guitarron. I will place that in an individual’s hand that is much larger than mine. Today however I played vihuela which I will be buying a few more than I anticipated. These are great! I can play them so much easier! We went through the entire method again on the third rotation of instruments. I was elated with ease in playing this instrument. Today we also had the pleasure of instruction from Jose Hernandez who is an acclaimed mariachi performer and now my teacher! He  taught us on our primary instruments today for our performance on Friday. The other teachers main instruments in college where at least one of what everyone plays—mine is oboe. So I had to play trumpet (it was super hard) like all the professionally trained teachers for this amazing teacher. Talk about nervous! We ended our day with mariachi implementation today. I know that Saturday’s elementary specific curriculum we will receive will give me many more ideas—but I am really giving it serious thought on how Twain will do mariachi. This fellowship has been super amazing, I mean I did get to go zoom line on my own time, but I am in 7 hours of classes everyday. I am one giant sponge, I can’t wait to bring it all home and share!


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